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Star Sailors League Final: Master Defeated By Apprentice

Brazilian crew has claimed victory for the second time in the finals of Star Sailors League. However, in this case, this wasn’t the bookies’ choice.

Henry Boening and Robert Scheidt, the Olympic legends were favorites participating in the event. They completed took an upper hand in the last four days of the rounds of the qualifier at Nassau. However, on Monday, Pedro Troche and Jorge Zarif won at every stage. Pedro is 27 years old and Zarif is 26 years old. Zarif is the stars of the Star World Championship. He is also the winner of the Finn Gold Cup.  Trouche is known to be the first crew who is less than 40 years of age and have won the event. He aims to decide the star of the sailing arena.

Zarif accepted the fact that they were surprised that they had such dominance since it is of such a high level. According to him, they have sailed their best. They gave their 100% and have pumped the entire time. This surely made the difference. It has been a privilege for them to defeat the guys.

The race took place under the overcast sky and the course moved back to Montague Bay of Nassau. The brisk had been blowing directly into Montague Bay with the wind gust reaching twenty knots.

This day started with 8 quarter-finalists battling it out. Trouche and Zarif secured victory with bottom three Arthur Lopes and Paul Cayard, Samuel Goncalves and Lars Grael, and Edoardo Natucci and Freddy Lööf. Cayard had been dominant in the beginning. However, he suffered a penalty in the first beat. This hampered this pace.

Then the Brazilian secured victory in the semi-final. Brian Fatih and Mark Mendelblatt who had obtained the 2nd place at end of the qualifiers had fast-tracked them to the semis, lost the race after being overlapped by Joshua Revkin and Eivind Melleby of Norway.

Rules Of GGR

2018th edition of the Golden Globe Race started from Les Sables d’Olonne. It comprised of 17 boats with their teams which embarked altogether on July 1st, 2018, Sunday. It is a solo nonstop race around the globe and yachts that take part in it are given a duration of 9 to 10 months to complete the race route.

The event in 2018 was the 50th anniversary of this global race that has honed the skills of many and given the participants life-changing experiences. The event first started in 1968 and from then on the competitors were allowed to start from different ports of the UK or northern France within the months of June and October.

There have been several changes introduced since then. In the latest 2018 format of this race, the entrants were restricted in using the same kind of vessels for the race with similar equipment’s. The premise is that it should be financially affordable for all participants to participate in the race.

The rules of this race also allow a single breach to happen since it is an unassisted form of circumnavigation race in the waters and the race is kept unique with the absence of navigational electronic aids in the vessels. Some participants over the years moved to Chichester Class which was set by Sir Francis Chichester in the race year 1966-67 when a single stop was made during the circumnavigation race. However, the rules still dictate that the single stop cannot be violated a second time. If this is done then one is considered to have retired from the race and organizers do not have any obligation or responsibility towards them.

The 2018-19 race is coming to a close this week as Jean-Luc Van Den Heede is about to finish the race first and there is a welcome party awaiting him on the shores at Les Sables d’Olonne when he reaches there on January 29th.

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