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11 car security systems will become mandatory by 2021

The European Commission announced new safety rules, according to which all new cars by 2021 will be equipped with autonomous emergency braking, assistance in keeping lanes, rear-view cameras and a driver fatigue detection system.

In total, 11 systems introduced to the market by this date will become mandatory for new cars, saving approximately 7,300 lives and preventing 38,900 serious injuries from 2020 to 2030.

It is believed that autonomous emergency braking (AEB), which automatically applies the brakes of the car, if the driver is not able to react to the obstacle in time and slow down, reduces collisions by 38 percent. Meanwhile, rear-view cameras have recently become mandatory on new cars sold in America, and are expected to save 95 lives per year.

New cars should also be equipped with emergency data recorders by 2021, recording telematic information after any collision. You will also need wiring for the alcohol vapor detection system, which allows you to set a car lock if necessary, if the driver has the smell of alcohol.

Emergency braking alarms will become mandatory, which flashes with hazard lights or stop lights when the car brakes sharply, safety belts, side impact protection systems and pedestrian impact zones will improve.

11 systems that will become mandatory in 2021:

  • Advanced emergency braking
  • Wiring to install the system blocking the car in pairs of alcohol
  • Detection of drowsiness and lack of driver attention
  • Data logger (crash)
  • Emergency braking signal
  • Full frontal protection against injury to passengers + improved seat belts
  • Improved head impact area for pedestrians and cyclists – safety glass in case of an accident
  • Intellectual speed assistance
  • Lane departure warning
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Rearview camera or detection system

Between 2005 and 2015, the number of road traffic crash victims in the EU declined by 43 percent, but security executives are concerned that the decline has slowed since 2014, and last year, 25,300 people died on EU roads. New security systems are becoming mandatory in order to assist in the development of the EU Vision Zero project, aimed at “approaching zero deaths and serious injuries [on the road] by 2050”. For the year 2030, an intermediate goal is foreseen – a reduction of 50 percent.

How to Deal and find Real With Cat Hair

There are bunch of vacuums for cat hair on the market. For cats, shedding is “a traditional method of hair growth and replacement,” says Dr. Jane Brunt, a vet WHO supported the Cat Hospital of Towson in urban center and served as past president of the yank Association of Feline Practitioners.

Unlike with humans and sure dog breeds, cat hair grows to a hard and fast length, dies, and falls out as it’s replaced by a replacement hair, explains Dr. Gary D. Norsworthy, board-certified feline specialist and owner of the besieging Feline hospice in San Antonio.

“That is why cats don’t would like regular haircuts,” he said.

Cats WHO go outdoors shed additional within the spring, and new hair growth can accelerate within the fall and winter.

“However, concerning eighty p.c of my patients virtually ne’er go outdoors, so that they aren’t as alert to seasons. this suggests there’s not a big distinction in seasonal shedding in indoor-only cats,” Norsworthy aforesaid.

2. Cats will shed an excessive amount of
Stress, parasites like fleas, a poor diet and sure diseases will cause cats to shed over traditional.

“Diseases that have an effect on the whole cat like polygenic disease, gland disease and nephrosis are additional doubtless to extend shedding,” Norsworthy ssays. “When the cat has important malady, the hair coat suffers initial.”

Because of this, don’t assume that AN excessive quantity of hair loss could be a skin or coat issue, Brunt says. inflammatory disease and blubber will cause a cat to be unable to groom unremarkably, which could cause coat abnormalities. Food allergies will cause itch, excessive grooming, and hair loss.

“This will be a much bigger downside than a standard shed cycle or grooming issue, thus completely get your medico concerned,” she said.

3. Feed your cat a healthy diet
If your cat is feeding an entire and diet, and drink
ing enough water, then her coat ought to be shiny and healthy. On the opposite hand, a underfed
 or dehydrated cat would show it during a uninteresting coat, excessive hair loss, matted hair, dandruff or AN overly oily coat. Skin is that the body’s largest organ, force explained. If your cat chow a healthy diet and drinks enough water, you’ll see it in her beautiful coat. A normal, healthy cat takes within the quantity of water she wants.

Cats would like a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet.

“These diets usually end in way more luxurious hair coats with less shedding,” Norsworthy says.

“Food allergies will show up as skin and hair-coat issues,” force explains.

Cats will develop AN allergic reaction to a macromolecule supply, within which case you’ll have to feed a low-allergenic diet that uses a macromolecule your cat has ne’er consumed before.

Fatty acid supplements, as a result of they’re medicinal drug, will facilitate with skin and coat issues, Brunt said.

4. Pet your cat with purpose
Normal caressing is enough to get rid of shedding hair for a few cats. Joan Miller, Cat Fanciers’ Association chair of stretch and education and all-breed choose old, grooms cats by caressing. the previous Abyssinian stock raiser dribbles a bit room-temperature drinking water into her hand and pets the cat’s coat till dry.

“I ne’er used a comb or coat my Abys,” she said.

Dead hair comes off of the cat’s coat throughout caressing, Miller aforesaid.

“All that’s left is shiny new hairs,” she said.

Miller additionally recommends wet-hand caressing for Orientals, Domestic Shorthairs, Tonkinese and alternative cats with largely guard-hair coats. Persians and alternative hairy cats, on the opposite hand, have AN abundance of beard hairs and wish to be brushed daily.

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